How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists? A Trilogy Exposing One of the Screwed Up Motives of Monetized Hate

 Exposing the connection between homophobia and racism, American politics, and mass shootings.

Watch: How Many People Need to Die For Your Clout With Colonists?

What the wannabes who think spirits work like a ponzi scheme think they’re doing…

In the next video, I go into how hate speech is a “white” supremacist money ritual with human sacrifice:

Why I don’t believe that hate speech is truly done unknowingly due to actual belief. It is a conscious attempt to encourage someone to spill blood in one’s name. These are people trying to gain money, clout, and either social or spiritual power through blood sacrifice.

Where you see just a hateful person, because I have experience and direct observation of pseudo Christian and other cults praying for innocent people’s deaths, I know it is not ignorance motivating them. Anyone doing hate speech today is a literal worshiper of who they believe is the devil or demons, engaging in hypnotizing people so that one of the susceptible ones will go out and kill someone. Like some people believe in human sacrifice money rituals, so do they. They just con another person to do the killing for them.

All African spiritualists should take care that they are not piggybacking on some “white” supremacist’s money ritual. When you repeat their hateful rhetoric, you feed them energy. It doesn’t matter how much phony panafricanism and Kemetic decoration you put on it. It is not the Kemetic way. If you actually read the Book of Coming Forth, you know better. You just didn’t make the connection because you fell under the spell.

Do you want to be free?

It starts with thinking about what you really want and where your loyalty truly is. When you’re willing to approach your altar or prayer corner with honesty, have a serious talk with your Gatekeeper. Whether you call them Eshu, Hecate, Heimdal, the name of a beloved Ancestor, or Yeshu’, you need this.

You will end up eaten by the Worm of Worms if you don’t cleanse and correct your behavior and compensate those you helped to oppress and kill. You don’t know how many you have helped to kill so far.

Maat knows.


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