About Taueret.net

Taueret.net Logo Taueret.net is my video blog and part of the ModernTraditional.com network. Though I am on YouTube, I don’t like to be overly “platform” dependent. Businesses shift around and change and get bought out. Rules change, one can get too much unwanted attention from bigots, and often places become hostile to people like me without warning.

There’s the saying that “there is no freedom of the press except when you own the press”. So I figure if it’s going to have my name on it, I should be writing for those who want to read what I’m saying, not dancing around the fragility of people historically known for not wanting to hear it.

I have many sites covering many topics, and this one focuses mostly on my videos. My life has been very interesting. It’s as if whoever is managing my destiny sat on an improbability sphere and fell asleep there. So if you want to continue to hear me and see me without targeted ads, feel free to donate or if you can’t, share this link or those of my other sites.

Thank you for watching. When you see me in the wild, like and subscribe, follow, join, or whatever they do to let you know when I’m posting stuff.

Blessings and Ashé!

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