The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

[video width="356" height="632" mp4=""][/video] Grown people who can’t take a no need to learn or be avoided. Watch on YouTube: The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

We Don’t Do the Fauxtep | Nicole Lasher on TikTok

[embed][/embed] Nicole Lasher’s short video with ♬ original sound Source: Nicole Lasher on TikTok Monday Live: Hot Saucery and Kintsugi – YouTube

Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 09-01-50 Monday Live Hot Saucery and Kintsugi – YouTube – The Ferrous Scrolls

[embed][/embed] It’s the hottest time of the year in the northern hemisphere, nerves are raw, and tensions are high. Join us to discuss how your witching is going in this hot summer, and learn how you can help to cool things down, support your friends with seasonal issues, and work this flow to your advantage.…

An Interesting Conversation Between Two Witches – Live Test and Chat With Sis. Lasher – YouTube

An Interesting Conversation

Don’t forget to like this on YouTube and subscribe to the channel. [embed][/embed] Zoom meeting between K.Sis. Lasher (Sheloya) and Queen Arden Keren of Ile Baalat Teva. We discussed all sorts from the shortage of information on crystals in aggressive magick, Johnny Depp’s issues and dating narcissists, Bewitching oil recipe need, and Solomon and the…

G.U.Dollar @dougquepromo for the key to #CHARLOTTE #NIGHTLIFE / Producer/ Artist (@gudollar) • Instagram photos and videos

Charlotte at Night

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Unseen Squad is Cleaning House


[vplayer id='71'] My commentary on some recent misfortunes.   Everyone has an Eshu. This should encourage us to be careful with one another and mindful of our behavior. We’re all going to die, but we’re not all going to die as a cautionary tale.