Orisha Sign Language

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blkjZKORUs4[/embed] Some talk about African spirituality, Orishas, and disability and examples of our local signs for Orishas. Does your community have signs for your deities and spirits? Watch it on YouTube: Orisha Sign Language I would like to link to others who have spirituality related hand signs and gestures in their communities. Feel free to…

Cinnamon and Clove Metaphysical Boutique (@cynnamon333) Interview with Nicole Lasher  • Instagram video


Cinnamon and Clove Metaphysical Boutique shared a post on Instagram: “My interview with Nicolet Tanit Nefertauret Lasher was a pleasure and very informative. We spoke on Magical tecnhiques, the Orisha, social media and our plight as African Americans. Please watch.”. Click: Cinnamon and Clove Metaphysical Boutique (@cynnamon333) • Instagram video

Unseen Squad is Cleaning House


[vplayer id='71'] My commentary on some recent misfortunes.   Everyone has an Eshu. This should encourage us to be careful with one another and mindful of our behavior. We’re all going to die, but we’re not all going to die as a cautionary tale.