The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

[video width="356" height="632" mp4=""][/video] Grown people who can’t take a no need to learn or be avoided. Watch on YouTube: The Word NO, Entitlement, and Iwa Pele

An Interesting Conversation Between Two Witches – Live Test and Chat With Sis. Lasher – YouTube

An Interesting Conversation

Don’t forget to like this on YouTube and subscribe to the channel. [embed][/embed] Zoom meeting between K.Sis. Lasher (Sheloya) and Queen Arden Keren of Ile Baalat Teva. We discussed all sorts from the shortage of information on crystals in aggressive magick, Johnny Depp’s issues and dating narcissists, Bewitching oil recipe need, and Solomon and the…